Why make another "scene games" site when there are countless others?

All the other sites are littered with ads and pop-ups. They are also slow at uploading and profit from scene releases!

There is an incorrect game associated with a release. Why does this happen?

Sometimes a release gets matched with the wrong game. We usually notice this and fix it.

What torrent client should I use?

Torrent users should be using Deluge or qBittorent (anything besides μTorrent please!).

What if the direct links go down or there are no seeders for the release I want?

We will be implementing a way for releases to be re-uploaded in the future. We DO NOT re-seed torrents, so please consider seeding back what you leech (maybe get a seedbox and help out).

How do I mount an ISO and install the game I downloaded and how do I crack it?!

You must be a virgin at this ;) There are countless tutorials if you do a Google search. Basically, if you know how to copy and paste things you're already a pro.

Help the game I downloaded doesn't work!

First, please be sure you are cracking the game after you install it (and that your anti-virus isn't deleting the crack!). Second, some releases may not work as the scene does make mistakes. If so, a "PROPER" release will be usually be posted.

I love this site! How can I donate?

We're not going to profit off of scene releases. You can donate to us by seeding the torrents you download or by telling others about this site (on forums, Reddit, your friends, etc).